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Plays by Katherine Beeson

"In Lieu of Flowers" was Katherine's first play and performed by the West Allis Players in the spring of 2012.
When Lou Flowers, an active 83 year old owner and cook of the Chatterbox Cafe', suddenly dies his "cafe family" keeps the business going and learns more about themselves and their relationships to Lou than they ever thought possible. This play was named a "favorite" in the 2012 year-end listing of Julie McHale, TimeOut Theater Critic, and was performed as a staged reading by Fleeing Artists in Kenosha, WI through their "The Plays of Tomorrow" program in 2019.


"Is Murder Tax-Deductible?" was Katherine's second play. First performed by the West Allis Players in the spring of 2013, it is an homage of sorts to her very crabby accountant.
Set in 1951 during a busy tax season, this story is a combination of classic noir with a few comedic touches.

Katherine's third play, "The Cupcake Killer" was performed by the West Allis Players in 2014. This is a light-hearted view of "Southern efficiency" and "Northern hospitality" in a murder investigation set in the fictional small town of Salisbury, Louisiana. It reminds the audience of such great crime shows as "The Andy Griffith Show" and "Castle" with a turn of phrase that is classic Katherine Beeson.

Plays by Katherine Beeson: Services
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